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Our model enables you to test out an infinite number of strategeis and “What if” scenarios


  • How to increase your withdrawal rates without the risk of running out of income
  • Annuitizing specific assets to provide a reliable income stream
  • How a reverse mortgage can provide cash flow that is not subject to income taxes
  • The role whole life insurance can play in your retirement
  • Selling off assets in retirement
  • Mitigating the effects of inflation

Stress testing your strategy

  • See how sensitive your current plan is to rising income taxes
  • What happens to your plan if the stock market has consecutive years of poor performance at the outset of retirement
  • The effect of one spouse dying and the resulting loss of a social security check

What if I:

  • Take my social security earlier or later
  • Sell my house and move to a different state
  • Annuitize an asset
  • Take out a reverse mortgage

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